Peter Wilson

Walk on Wheels NSW Pty Ltd

Throughout my life I have always tried to operate with trust and honesty with those whom I do business with. Over the years Neil Wiggins and his family at Wiggins Taxation have not only been my accountant but also a good friends.

In 1999 My wife and I set up Walk on Wheels NSW Pty Ltd with the guidance of Neil. Over the next decade he managed our taxation account with extensive explanations as to how we should proceed with respect to financial structures appropriate for taxation purposes.

He was always available to discuss issues and explain, albeit it a wee bit frustrating at times as he never left a stone unturned.

At his suggestion he set up a Self Managed Family Super Fund for us. Being retired now, I am living the dream as the benefits of his guidance flow in. I was often sceptical and on occasion needed to think it through at times but in hindsight all the advice he has given has been correct and worthwhile.

As a side issue he has guided my children through a number of complex taxation issues with respect to investments and negative gearing.

If you have a small to medium business I would not hesitate to recommend Wiggins Taxation Services.

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